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Business Terms


Orders (and inquiries) can be sent

  • by post (Loukov 60, 294 11 Loukov u Mnichova Hradiště)

  • by fax (326 789 106)

  • by e-mail (obchod@vrabecavrabec.cz)

  • or possibly handled by phone


An order must contain the following information identifying the buyer:

  • company name

  • address of delivery

  • invoice address

  • company identification number

  • VAT (tax) number

  • contact person and telephone number

  • bank details (name of the bank and the account number)

Specification of the products must contain:

  • identification according to the norms ČSN, DIN, ISO or the number

  • of a drawing

  • dimensions

  • number of pieces


Specification of the delivery must contain:

  • delivery time

  • delivery options

  • further requirements (testimonial, declaration of conformity, demands regarding the type and strength of the surface finish etc.)

In case of our first contact, we require a copy of the Abstract of the Companies Register or a copy of the trade license and a copy of your VAT payer registration certificate.

Standardly we do not send a confirmation of the receipt of an order – proposal of the contract of purchase. However, we can do so on our customer’s request.



The listed goods are usually delivery by 48 hours from entering order.



The type of packaging (box, bag etc.) is above all determined by the type of the fastener. In most cases we use a paper box with a label displaying the following information: type of norm, dimensions, number of pieces, image of the product and the barcode.


The number of pieces in a package, as stated in the price list, is – until the old stock is sold – only approximate!



The prices listed in this price list are guaranteed until a new updated price list has been issued.


In some cases discounts may be granted. Such discounts, however, will be granted only for whole packagings!


Deliveries of the goods exceeding the price of CZK 5,000.- are free of charge. In other cases the shipping costs are added to the total price of the goods. Transport is provided by post, rail, or by selected forwarders of our choice.


Transport charges:

  • 1 package 15 Kg – CZK 70

  • 1 package 50 Kg – CZK 100


Wooden pallets: 

  • 120 x 80 – CZK 260

  • 60 x 80 – CZK 100


On request we can provide a free of charge pickup of the return pallets.



Cash on delivery, dispatch of goods with the invoice, or handing the goods over to our customer directly at our store against the cash payment.


Our company remains the lawful possessor of the goods until the goods have been completely paid for by the buyer. In case the bill has not been settled, we reserve the right to take the goods back from the buyer.



Reclamations regarding the quantities or obvious defects of the goods can be applied within 14 days following the receipt of the dispatch by the buyer. Reclamations of inherent defects can be applied in accordance with the law. Reclamation must be made in writing.



In case of retail sales to customers directly from the wholesale storage in Loukov, an additional supplement of 30% will be charged.



Opening and office hours for stock release and business matters:

Monday – Friday 6.00am – 2.30pm