Trhové Sviny

Retail shop Thrové Sviny was establish 1st January 2012. The shop bought company Vrabec a Vrabec from Mr. Tomáš Müller. Well establish business in region, good name of Mr. Müller and huge range of new customers was also assumed. Combining the expertise and experience of both companies will lead to wider offer with better services to existing and new clients.

The Müller business means for company Vrabec a Vrabec be able to offer something new. The Müller business was establish on special sell service in ZIP bags for customer whose are limited by place.

Contact information

Školní 1148 (bývalý areál Fruta)
374 01 Trhové Sviny

Phone No.: +420 386 322 949
Fax: +420 386 322 449

Jan Vlček, +420 386 322 949
Tomáš Müller, +420 602 476 587

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 8.00am – 4.00pm
Saturday – Sunday Closed