Company Introduction

In the area of fasteners we have been in the market since 1995, first as a private family enterprise of the brothers Lubomír and Milan Vrabec , since 2002 as a commercial company.

Thanks to our flexibility in enlarging the range of our products and thanks to our ability to grant superior business services, today we sell fasteners to several thousands of customers.

The philosophy of our company has from the very beginning been aimed at ensuring that the goods presented in the company catalogue are at any rate available to our customers. For this reason we have kept extending the range of offered products and the stock capacity of the company’s storage, located by the highway connecting the cities of Turnov and Mnichovo Hradiště .

We cooperate with manufacturers of fasteners in the Czech Republic, with renowned partners abroad, and with companies dealing in production of special products. Thus we are able to provide any type of fastener standardly used worldwide. Of a great importance is the fact that most of our suppliers have their quality control system set up according to ISO 9000 norms.

Our company was first certified in 1998 according to ISO 9002:1994. In 2002 we were certified with the latest version of the norm ISO 9001:2000, and in 2005 we awarded the certificate again for the period of another three years. However, our efforts are not aimed solely at gaining the certificate, but at real and continuing improvement of our work.

In 2013 company have 8  shops. We continuously optimize our range of inventory and work to improve our services . In 2012, we launched a new concept store operations, which result in higher productivity and lower error rate during picking.

Let us prove that the trust you put in our specialized company will be your long-lasting successful investment.


1995 VRABEC a VRABEC associates – sale of washers
1996 purchase and adaptations of new company headquarters (Loukov 60)
1997 enlargement of the range of products – bolts and nuts
1998 complex range of fasteners
ISO 9002 certification
2001 VRABEC a VRABEC s.r.o. commercial company
2008 extensive renovation of warehouses
ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005 and ČSN OHSAS 18001:2008 certification
2009 expansion of the store network
2010 optimization of inventory
2012 new warehouse management system
2013 opening of the new store in Písek